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FRGFederal Republic of Germany
FRGFamily Readiness Group (US Army)
FRGForge (street type)
FRGFonds Régional de Garantie (French: Regional Guarantee Fund)
FRGFaculty Research Grant (various schools)
FRGFrente Republicano Guatemalteco (Spanish: Guatemalan Republican Front)
FRGGuatemalan Republican Front
FRGFrigate (Star Wars)
FRGFirst Responder Group (US DHS)
FRGFinancial Resource Group (various locations)
FRGFixture Resource Group (Ohio)
FRGFormal Reasoning Group (research into artificial intelligence; Stanford University)
FRGFiber Reinforced Gypsum
FRGField Review Group
FRGFiberglass Reinforced Gypsum
FRGForward Repair Group (British army)
FRGForce Requirements Generator
FRGFloating Rate Gilt (banking)
FRGFacility Review Group
FRGFlux Research Group (University of Utah)
FRGField Record Group
FRGFloridians for Responsible Government, Inc.
FRGFire Rated Glazing (architectural drawings)
FRGFarmingdale Republic Airport, New York (Airport Code)
FRGFraction of Residential Power supplied by Gas (Carolina Environmental Program)
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Until further information, therefore, I shall maintain it to be a sea-unicorn of colossal dimensions, armed not with a halberd, but with a real spur, as the armoured frigates, or the `rams' of war, whose massiveness and motive power it would possess at the same time.
I am lieutenant of the king's frigate the 'Pomona,' and my name is Louis Constant de Pressigny.
That one frigate was well worth more, to live in, than the best house in the island.
By the Lord Harry, woman, I should as soon think of calling the Boadishey a clumsy frigate.
When you come to a frigate, of course, you are more confined; though any reasonable woman may be perfectly happy in one of them; and I can safely say, that the happiest part of my life has been spent on board a ship.
The French Navy frigate Vendemiaire, with a helicopter on board, will arrive in Manila today for a five-day goodwill visit.
The President explained that the Palace merely acted on a complaint by the Korean firm about the reported delay in the frigate acquisition project.
Mercado also said earlier that Go did not intervene in the frigate procurement process.
The Senate will start its inquiry into the P15bn frigate deal entered into by the Philippine Navy amid allegations that a close aide of President Rodrigo Duterte intervened in the negotiations and to determine whether the acquisition of the frigates "promotes the goals of the modernisation programme and complies with pertinent laws.
Ronald Joseph Mercado defended on Monday the position of the Navy's technical working group (TWG) in pushing for Thales Tacticos of Netherlands as contractor for the combat management system (CMS) of the military's frigate acquisition project, saying it is for the best interest of the Navy.
Captain Shahzad Iqbal, captain of the Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) Saif, visited China's guided-missile frigate Jingzhou on November 30, the day the Pakistani frigate arrived in Shanghai for a five-day visit, a Chinese military journal 'China Military' reported on Tuesday.
Sir Michael said: "This is a competition for the new Type 31 frigate, a general purpose frigate for the Royal Navy, and we have invited all the yards in Britain to put forward proposals to build this frigate rapidly and at a good value PS250m price for the tax payer.