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FRISKFormal Risk Assessment of Systems Cost Estimates
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Later, two male officers forcefully tried to enter the box and frisk me after the female officers refused.
We are changing rapidly to the needs of our end consumer, and the way our end-consumer shops today," Frisk said.
Richard Frisk commented the rigours of today s electronics manufacturing processes need precise inspection and analysis; I am looking forward to ensuring that Nordson s inspection products play a major part in this demanding marketplace.
63) A qualitative analysis yielded approximately sixty-seven different reasons commonly used by officers to justify their stop and frisk, about one quarter of which were found to be insufficient to meet the reasonable-suspicion requirement.
33) Under the rubric of reasonableness, the Court balanced the governmental interest in crime prevention and officer safety against the individual interest in privacy, holding that an officer is constitutionally permitted to stop and frisk a defendant whom he has reasonable suspicion to believe is engaged in criminal activity and is armed and dangerous.
Meanwhile, critics of stop and frisk (myself included) never fail to mention the overwhelming discrepancy between the numbers of stops and the number of arrests (about 12 percent of the stops in 2011 resulted in an arrest or summons; only one percent produced weapons).
2 October 2012 - US cloud-based Internet security services provider Commtouch Software Ltd (NASDAQ:CTCH) on Tuesday said it had concluded the acquisition of the antivirus operations of Iceland-based Frisk Software International.
Cloud-based solutions provider Commtouch (NASDAQ: CTCH) said it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Iceland-based Frisk Software International's antivirus business.
25) Further, the officer can perform a pat-down, or frisk, for weapons (26) if he or she has reason to believe the individual is "armed and presently dangerous.
They then tried to frisk him again once he was seated saying they had
New York police widely use the practice known as stop-and-frisk, in which officers randomly stop people on the street and sometimes frisk them to determine whether they are carrying arms.
In 2008, the Rubinos opened Frisk Jewelry in Boulder to sell their own jewelry as well as original and vintage items of all descriptions.