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FRITFederal Realty Investment Trust (Rockville, MD)
FRITFederal Reserve Information Technology
FRITFunctional Review Implementation Team
FRITFlat Rate Interstate Toll
FRITFinancial Restructuring Implementation Team
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Figure 1 shows the development of the mixtures of ceramic pigments, opacifier of zircon and industrial frit suspension for the ceramic enamel.
The plant, which will be Ferro's second frit production facility in Egypt, includes additional land and certain infrastructure assets to support expected growth.
Al Saiomi manufactures frits and glazes for the Middle East and North Africa markets.
In Zam #1 if we look at the amounts of Ferro frit #3195, 50 percent and Custer feldspar, 21 percent, both of which are primary fluxes (which help bring other materials into a melt), the total primary flux is 71 percent (the higher percentage of primary fluxfes] in a glaze, the glossier the surface).
Etching and frits: When choosing permanently applied patterns for glass, try to look at it from a bird's point of view.
Excavations by the Museum of London in 1989 found the form of a furnace, a fritting oven, frit itself, crucibles, working waste, finished vessels, and other evidence for the manufacturing process of the period.
His recent research into alternative high performance skins has led to the development of 12 inch thick frameless glass panels capable of creating varying opacities by the use of frit applied patterns and inner layers that promise to control light, entrain air and offer views out through a highly insulated yet shimmering, ice-like membrane.
Also, lead found in solders used for machined thru-hole discoidal and planar array ceramic multilayer capacitors, and lead oxide in plasma display panels and surface conduction electron emitter displays used in structural elements (notably in the front and rear glass dielectric layer, the bus electrode, the black stripe, the address electrode, the barrier ribs, the seal frit, the frit ring and in print pastes) will qualify for exempt status.
Choose a mold, select your frit colors and you're on your way.
To use one of Mrs Thatcher's favourite terms, are the Tories now 'frit' of the independence option?
Columns are available in various bore sizes and lengths , and a full range of accessories includes bleed valves, funnels, and frit insertion tools.
"I think one of the important things is not to - as Conservatives - spend too much time tearing great lumps out of each other." Margaret Thatcher used the word "frit"- Lincolnshire dialect for frightened - in a 1983 Commons clash as she accused Labour of fearing an election.