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Anyone interested in a teaching career now has a unique means of discovering what it is all about - right from the horse's mouth.
So there you have it folks straight from the horse's mouth: we, the dumb citizens of this once great country, are standing by while our national heritage is usurped by a configuration of almost unknown unelected bodies from 26 other countries, while our weak kneed politically correct, corrupt government lets it happen.
"At this point, straight from the horse's mouth, I'd like some time off and my first priority is to finish off my tenure as national South Africa coach and then from next year see what opportunities come."
If you want to know anything about any town in Britain, straight from the horse's mouth, then check our knowhere.co.uk.
A Newcastle insider said: "The players had it from the horse's mouth that there would be a golf swing if he scored.
Noddy assures me this tail is straight from the horse's mouth but personally I fancy it's from the other end ...
I felt becoming a governor was a real opportunity to find out from the horse's mouth what was happening at the school and how it is performing."
Obtain a reference list from the proposed trial supplier and contact the best references directly to get the facts straight 'from the horse's mouth'.
Straight From The Horse's Mouth: How To Talk To Animals And Get Answers advocates it is possible to foster animal communication: communicator Kinkade shares a program which has helped her clients understand and communicate with their pets.
"It doesn't bother me but I feel the fans deserve to hear the story from the horse's mouth.
No need to speculate about the sexual orientation of the Rawhide Kid, a cowboy that Marvel Comics brought out (but not "out," of course) in 1957: Word of the Kid's sexual orientation came straight from the horse's mouth, metaphorically speaking, that of editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, who declared simply: "This is going to be the first gay Western." While the Rawhide Kid will never actually say, "Yep, I'm gay," his demeanor will give him away from the start.