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FBFacebook (website)
FBFantasy Baseball
FBBulgaria Air (airline code)
FBFrauenbeauftragte (German: Women's Assembly)
FBFirst Blood (gaming clan)
FBBoard Feet (Canada)
FBFacilities Based
FBFinalBurn (arcade game emulator)
FBFacilities Board
FBFirebat (Starcraft game)
FBFire Bush
FBFast Broadcasting
FBFurukawa Battery Co. Ltd. (Japan)
FBFatty Bombatty (font)
FBFunbots (QuakeNet gaming)
FBFoolish Buyer (real estate)
FBFauve de Bourgogne (rabbit breed)
FBFailure Biasing
FBFrontline Brothers (gaming clan)
FBFour-way Box
FBFarside Blues
FBFine Business (morse code used by ham radio operators)
FbFrederiksberg (Danish railway station)
FBFarum Boldklub (Danish soccer club)
FBFinance Bureau (Hong Kong)
FBFlat Bed
FBFinal Boss (gaming clan)
FBFriends with Benefits
FBFinance Battalion
FBFootbridge (UK maps)
FBFixed Bridge
FBFishing Boat
FBFull Bridge
FBFuse Board
FBFrame Buffer
FBFreight Bill
FBFarm Bureau
FBFast Busy
FBFat Bastard
FBFenerbahce (Turkey)
FBFenian Brotherhood
FBFighter Bomber
FBFire Base
FBFire Break
FBFiring Battery
FBFixed Block
FBFlat Bar
FBForeign Body
FBForward Boundary
FBFoul Ball
FBFeature Board (Cisco)
FBFully Built (rebuild engine with aftermarket parts, generally high power output)
FBFire Builder (Mic-O-Say, Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America)
FBFireball (gaming)
FBFederal Building
FBFusebox (web application framework)
FBFruits Basket (anime)
FBFun Buddy (polite form)
FBFinger Breadth
FBFelügyelo Bizottság (Hungarian: Supervisory Board)
FBFraming Bit
FBFly Ball (baseball)
FBFull Bath
FbFrom Below
FBFinancing Bill
FBFast Break
FBFozzie Bear (The Muppet Show character)
FBFull Board (hospitality industry)
FBFiber-Optic Backbone
FBFenerbahce (Turkish Soccer Team)
FBFrostburn (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
FBFiber Board
FBFurnace Brazing
FBFriendship Book (swapping)
FBFuse Block
FBFresno Bee (newspaper)
FBFerris Bueller (movie character)
FBFringe Benefit
FBFluxbox (Unix/Linux window manager)
FBFrank Black (musician)
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All the feedback I've had from experts in the UK, and from all the high-altitude specialists here in Kathmandu, has been reasonably positive and the frostbite is a 'grade one' or 'grade two'.
Reduction of the incidence of amputation in frostbite injury with thrombolytic therapy.
Safety is the priority here at Frostbite and we are committed to creating a culture that ensures everyone's safety both while at work and even while off work," said Jenkins.
If you experience symptoms of frostbite, try to gradually bring feeling back into the body," advises Derick.
The Frostbite System uses man-made frost to control weeds naturally without the use of harmful chemicals.
Frostbite, which develops through prolonged contact with cold surfaces, can affect a pet's ears, paws, tail, the scrotum and mammary glands.
Found wandering in a village when she was four or five and eventually adopted by a Catholic couple, she recovered from her malnutrition, frostbite and neglected health and formed strong attachments to her new parents, who genuinely loved and protected her.
Oksana, an eastern European migrant who was working in Ballymoney, Co Antrim, lost her legs to frostbite after being found destitute and homeless on an Ulster street.
Jamie Andrew had lost his hands and feet to frostbite after being stranded in the Alps.
The effect could be worse than uncomfortable, moreover, because it could allow frostbite to set in more quickly, Lee adds.
Burch, who suffered severe frostbite to his toes, hoped to take a video at the peak and send it to the school, but it was too windy and cloudy.