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"People frown upon it because they think women aren't choosing it.
Victoria's frown was only made more obvious by her husband's beaming smile as they walked hand-in-hand into St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.
"You can't just do it constantly for years in misery, otherwise you end up with a Walford frown. It gets to you."
Grumpy Cat, whose dwarfism gives her the permanent frown she's famous for, became an online phenomenon-turned-merchandising-machine after Bundesen first posted pictures of her in 2012.
A short, 20-minute EP, "Emily Frown" is minimally produced, using only piano and vocals, but employing experimental mixing techniques and dreamlike layered tracks.
I SEE Amazo passwo of iden gesture frown I pre the am dad ys th fr frozen co c mp st st s uck b on o nt e to ed mo he n f pu k w I predict a celebrity backlash.
Accounting for any change in their feelings of attractiveness, the women were found to be happier than they were when they were physically able to frown.
In patients grouped under group A, a temporal incision was given, in group B, a superior straight incision was given and in group C a superior frown incision was given and in group D, a superior smile incision was given with a no.
An ophthalmologist found a huge decrease in frown lines on a patient who was receiving the injections.
Did you know it takes only 17 muscles to smile, but 43 to frown. Why waste all that energy frowning when you could just smile.
Summary: IT'S guaranteed to bring a frown to the breakfast table cracking into a boiled egg ...
Canadian ophthalmologist Jean Carruthers used botulinum toxin to correct blepharospasm (twitching of the eye muscles) and realised that the temporarily paralysing effect of the toxin may be the key to her husband Alastair's quest for developing a treatment against frown lines.