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FUGFree Bsd User Group
FUGFlex User Group (software; Adobe Flex)
FUGForeldreutvalget for Grunnskolen (Norwegian: Parents Committee for Basic Education; Oslo, Norway)
FUGFredtalk Users Group (online forum)
FUGFreephone User Group
FUGFenske-Underwood-Gilliland (distillation design)
FUGFraksi Utusan Golongan (Indonesian: Fraction Representing Group)
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The culmination of Sanders's border-crossing and communal art during the 1960s was his folk-rock band, the Fugs, co-founded with bohemian poet Tuli Kupferberg.
This is designed to influence tenant choice but takes no account of individual private preferences for fresh air or fug, nor of the cost.
A little higher up the food chain are reality TV producers Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan who take on fugly ("frightfully" ugly as they define it) star outfits at their blog, Go Fug Yourself, with a barbed wit that makes Cojo and Joan Rivers seem like gushing fans.
When not passed out in a morphine-induced fug, he's donating millions to a children's hospital and paying for a new home for his adoptive daughter and her fiance (Theo James).
Because surely something had to be done about the grimy trail of smarm and thick fug of arrogance that settled on the fixtures and fittings during the preceding two-and-a-half hours.
"I have no doubt in my mind that when FUG brings this concept over to Empire Outlets that it is going to be an experience that people will want to experience time and time again.
Eddy's revelation shakes Dwight out of his self-pitying fug. He tidies his appearance and drives back to West Virginia to wait nervously outside the prison and watch as Will emerges from incarceration.
The reason why we the UK lags behind the US is because it has emerged further from the economic fug we have been experiencing for the last five years compared to countries in Europe, and Poppleton says that as you see more growth "people more confident and invest in things they just don't invest in when times are very, very tough."
Opener Another Sunday Psalm and One Man And His Fug are reminiscent of Belle And Sebastian but it is the synth-lead Fight For Everyone, inspired by London Olympics 2012, and The Sober Scent Of Paper that really stand out.
In recent weeks there's been a sharp increase in the number of people admitted to hospital with respiratory illnesses and thousands of people have been buying up gas masks to try and avoid inhaling the fug.
They also used black paint to graffiti the shed with the tag 'FUG'.