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FURCAFundacion por la Unidad y Reconstruccion de la Costa Atlantica (Spanish: Foundation for Unity and Reconstruction of the Atlantic Coast)
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by having a smooth inner distal corner on the basis of the female antenna, pointed tines and no ridge on the inner tine of the dentiform process of the female maxillule, no denticles on the outer distal corner of the protopod of the female maxilliped, pointed tines on the female sternal furca, a subtriangular inner lobe on the female leg 5, no accessory claws on the endopod of the male antenna, and a large, cone-shaped myxal process on the protopod of the male maxilliped.
Sin embargo, el metafurcaestemo solamente entrego caracteres diagnosticos para distinguir especies, tales como la relacion entre el largo de la apofisis (af) y el tallo de la furca (tf), asi como tambien en la forma dei brazo de la furca (fbf) y en el tamafio de esta (Fig.
Female: Spermatheca cylindrical and annulated, annuli with the same diameter; individual spermathecal duct about 0.3 the diameter of the furca steam; cibarium with about 10 horizontal teeth ...
Most tortoise beetle larvae carry an exuvial or exuvio-fecal shield on the furca of their eighth abdominal segment which serves as a mechanical or chemical barrier against predators [74-76].
Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret: you may drive nature out with a pitchfork, but she will keep coming back.
Todos os gatos com doenga periodontal devem ser frequentemente submetidos a profilaxia dentaria incluindo extracao dos dentes com retracao gengival (13, 22, 30), mobilidade, bolsa periodontal e exposicao de furca (13), pois a doenga periodontal pode causar CGEF ou contribuir para sua ocorrencia.
Furca with three spines, about 12 times as long as wide, terminal spine length 2/3 of stem.
One of the reasons is that they are incredibly nervous creatures and have an astonishing ability to leap away from danger using a springing organ (the furca) on the underside of the abdomen, which makes observing them in life very difficult.
In this regard it is disappointing to see him dismiss the forked pack, or furca, as merely "attributed to Marius." Matthew mentions the argument that the furca functioned as a "quick release pack" but does not see its importance with reference to soldiers carrying their own baggage.