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FURLFrame Uniform Resource Locator
FURLFile for Url
FURLFile Uniform Resource Locators (website)
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Natural gas, propane and other alternative furls currently power less than one percent of school buses, but their share is growing.
Spain wasthen in furl Counter Reformation/post-revolutionary mode: women dressed in long black dresses, clergy and nuns everywhere, and Franco's army.
The extra power was evident on take-off as the front end lifts under the torque and the vehicle is pulled forward, but not as evident as the fact that we were circling Central Park in a furl cell vehicle on this very chilly nine-degree winter day.
The catalog provides comprehensive selection information, including AGMA service class selection charts, overhung and thrust capacities, and furl dimensional data.
I wouldn't say it was poking furl al the new styles today.
ASC 2003 Furl Convention & Expo September 21-24 Hyatt Regency O'Hare Hotel Rosemont, Illinois, USA www.
He credits a wide choice of patterns and mil selections with helping furl Triac's expansion in the U.
All the lines that set, trim, and furl the sails are within reach of the helmsman.
When it comes time to furl the sail away, the bands of unidirectional carbon running down the luff allows for a quick and easy 'bottom up' furl.
He supposedly had a yard strung outside his bedroom window and you could step out onto the foot-ropes and learn how to furl a sail and tie a gasket round it.
You can read the furl letters from Robin Rick and Doug Chadwick at www.
It is thought the schoolboy - who had recently been promoted from a Cadet to an Ordinary Cadet - had been asked to go aloft to help furl (fold away) a sail when he fell into Stokes Bay, Gosport.