gLTFGl Transmission Format (data)
gLTFGreat Lakes Theater Festival
gLTFGay and Lesbian Task Force (American Library Association)
gLTFGay and Lesbian Tennis Federation (San Francisco, CA)
gLTFGreek Life Task Force
gLTFGift of Life Trust Fund (South Carolina)
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In parallel, Binomial has contributed the Basis Universal technology to Khronos, and Binomial has been working with the 3D Formats Working Group to create a Universal Texture extension for glTF that packages textures that have been supercompressed with the Basis compressor into a robustly-specified KTX2 container.
Multiple engines are already shipping with prototype support for glTF Universal Textures, including Babylon, CesiumJS, three.js, and UX3D.
glTF Tools Ecosystem Expands, Including Universal Texture Tools and glTF Import/Export in Blender 2.80
As the glTF ecosystem evolves, the 3D Formats Working Group is working to encourage and enable native glTF import and export on every widely used authoring tool.
To prepare for the arrival of glTF's Universal Texture extension, Khronos is creating a number of open-sourced glTF Texture Tools, such as KTX tools-an open source library for creating, reading, compressing, and transcoding KTX textures and uploading them to OpenGL, Vulkan, and WebGL.
3D models and scenes may be used in a wide variety of applications, and so glTF is an extensible format to enable ongoing innovation around delivery, compression and streaming technologies for diverse use cases.
The glTF specification has been openly developed with the specification and source of multiple converters and loaders freely available on GitHub.
GLTF is housed in Playhouse Square Center, which is located downtown in the heart of the central business district.
GLTF and Cleveland Public Theatre's co-production of Nickel and Dimed last season, performed at CPT, enhanced the audience base for both theatres.
"We always ran pretty much at sea level financially, never too far ahead or too far behind," confirms founding artistic director David Hansen, who works full time as a supervisor for GLTF's resident program and has a two-year-old daughter, with another child due this May.
The new artistic leadership at the Play House, GLTF and Karamu certainly seem to have tapped into that dedication.
The GLTF production of Ohio State Murders marked Kennedy's first professional production in her hometown; accordingly, opening night, March 7, 1992, was by order of the mayor Adrienne Kennedy Day in Cleveland.