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GABGovernment Accountability Board (Wisconsin, USA)
GABGabon (ISO Country code)
GABGreat American Bash (wrestling)
GABGraded Aggregate Base (road construction material)
GABGlobal Advisory Board (various organizations)
GABGimme A Break
GABGeneral Arrangements to Borrow
GABGreat Artesian Basin (Australia)
GABGlobal Address Book
GABGuichet Automatique de Banque (French: Automatic Teller Machine)
GABGreat American Ballpark (Cincinnati, Ohio)
GABGames and Amusement Board (Philippines)
GABGeneral Adjustment Bureau (GAB Robins North America, Inc.)
GABGhana Association of Bankers (est. 1980)
GABGroup Access Bridging
GABGlobal Audio Broadcast
GABGuojia Anquan Bu (Chinese Ministry of State Security)
GABGold Antique Brush (color)
GABGrenada Association of Beekeepers
GABGovernment Approval Board (approves GDSSII software version release contents)
GABSir Geoffrey Arthur Building (Pembroke College, University of Oxford)
GABGrand Australasian Banner (Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes)
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In creating the analogue of propofol, it's as if the researchers put a tiny hook onto the molecule so that when it binds to the GAB receptor, it grabs onto the receptor and won't let go.
According to the company, the software platform will replace multiple systems currently in use at GAB.
The paper also found that the GAB report confirmed that the contractor had progressed through the projects very slowly with delays reaching a total of 26 months during the first 10 months of the contract.
The deal, seen to close in October 2010, excludes the property/casualty loss adjusting operations of GAB.
He commended King Abdullah for instructing all government departments to implement the proposals made by GAB in its annual report for 2006.
Cunningham Lindsey Group Limited, LLC, which provides similar, third-party adjustment services as GAB Robins, was announced as the buyer of EFI Global.
We're going to be an even stronger marketer of loss-adjusting, TPA and managed care services here in North America," said Edward Troy, GAB Robins' chairman and chief executive officer.
GAB bought the property for $750,000 in June 2001 from Arcade Building Partnership, led by Daryl Coker, Jim Spradley, Jim Newell, Robert Vogel and Sam Vogel.
He couldnCOt speak, but he communicated with gestures,C[yen] police captain Herman Ruben Gab said after he responded to an emergency call by the manCOs nephew.
This is poignantly displayed in gab ritual performances where large numbers of persons, pigs and other valuables such as money are 'pulled' into the ritual village where they are contained.