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The move will be welcomed by Omani quarry operators, eager to tap into the booming gabbro export market presently centring on Qatar, hosts of the 2022 World Cup football championships, added the Oman Daily Observer report.
Such gearless panamax vessels with higher cargo carrying capacity will be to the benefit to our local customers who can now carry more gabbro in each shipment.
In response to Qatar's massive infrastructure development programme, QPMC initiated an expansion of the port, to boost the annual flow of gabbro through the terminal from 16.
According to a Six Construct press release, the company, in consortium with Danish engineering group FLSMidth, recently completed the expansion of the Gabbro Terminal, and has resulted in doubling the capacity of the terminal by replacing the current operation system (4,000 daily rotations) with a state-of-the-art conveyor system, which will help boost the terminal's annual turnover to an impressive 30 million tons of aggregate.
The barge, Az Kunming, delivered a cargo of 14,700 tonnes of gabbro, the key material for various infrastructure projects undertaken in the country in preparation for the 2022 Fifa World Cup, The Peninsula reports.
It comprises of cyclic successions of layered dunite, wehrlite, pyroxenite and both layered and foliated gabbro.
Sohar, May 29 (ONA) Al Batinah Quarries and Khimji Ramdas Shipping today signed an agreement for handling and shipping construction materials and storing them at Sohar Industrial Port, marking the start of exporting Gabbro stones from Sohar port in the upcoming days.
The Landry Brook pluton is divided into three units: gabbro to quartz diorite, quartz monzodiorite to monzogranite, and monzogranite.
The property covers two rock groups that host significant concentrations of Platinum Group Metals mineralisation; the River Valley-East Bull Lake Suite of rocks and the Nipissing Gabbro.
Several anomalies are spatially associated with siliceous ironstones and fault breccias developed along apparent structures within the Mt Venn Gabbro Complex.
He also announced that Qatar is interested in importing Gabbro stone from Iran.
Part of the Salisbury Hotel, Gabbro is a new bistro which has opened on Edinburgh's Southside.