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GADZGadzooks (stock symbol)
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crivvens dad gums dagnabbit, dagnammit, dangnabbit, doggone, gat dangit drat egad for crying out loud (a song by the Meat Loaf rock group) gadzooks gee, gee whizz (Gee whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z: a 1956 Warner Bros.
& there was snow gadzooks of it the squelchy hush & sledging whoosh an oodly skitter of wellies a comely whump of sun low up & fog balloons of breathy come dusk come ice come slush-cum-berg a crickle-o-fire nicely tonight a drink of winter swoon a bed a warm already huzzah!
GADZOOKS!, as Prince Philip might say - is nothing sacred?
Stores such as Hot Topic and Gadzooks made it possible for me to look like whomever I wanted.
The Double Falsehood is actually a musty old piece that's been around for ages, without anybody giving a gadzooks.
Gadzooks. Up to our ankles in March already, and I'm still in January mode.
How disappointing to read a brief article ["Don't Mask, Do Tell"] in the November 18 issue stressing that comics have matured by including GLBT characters, yet you still feel the need to open the article with the diminutive gadzooks!--a term not used in "grown-up" comics for decades.
I would confine God to currency, constitutional control, and colloquialisms like "Godspeed" and "gadzooks." Then we can begin to deal with the real problems in the world, such as those related to education, health care, poverty, and human rights.
Breilly Hilburn, a former manager at Gadzooks, which is owned by the same parent company as Forever 21, said business has been "fantastic."
"In Gadzooks they have a lot of hot stuff, so in there I look around.
What word did Geisel coin in his 1950 book If I Ran the Zoo: a) kerfluffle, b) gadzooks, or c) nerd?
Instead, the new non-betting racing journos will say: "Gadzooks and hey nonny no, Mr Dillon, 6-1 looks an uncommon civil price for my readers.