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GAGGraphic Artists Guild
GAGGet A Grip
GAGGet A Grip (Aerosmith album)
GAGGuangzhou Automobile Group
GAGGraf-Adolf-Gymnasium (German: Count Adolf Grammar School)
GAGGroup-specific Antigen (protein)
GAGGuangzhou Automobile Group (China)
GAGGoal A Game
GAGGuns Are Good
GAGGround Air Ground
GAGGeneric Address Generator
GAGGroup Activity Graph
GAGGroup of Advanced Gardeners (MMORPG, Runescape)
GAGGlobal Atlantic Group Ltd (New York, NY)
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Gag Reflex Reduction in a Patient with Maxillofacial Prosthesis: Use of silicone rubber base impression material in impression taking gave favourable results in preventing the problem of gagging.
The fine structure of GAG chains can have considerable diversity due to various patterns of modification, such as epimerization2) and sulfation.
1) There are few reports regarding the cardiac manifestation of gag reflex which potentially may be important in severe gagging, so the effect of gag reflex on heart velocity and sympatovagal tone of sinus node was studied.
Faigenblum (5) classification of patients with gag reflex differentiates mild from severe retching.
They become pub gags and public property as soon as some bloke in the audience of a Jimmy Carr concert texts a one-liner to his mates.
You say, "I love gag guys," but what does that mean?
Unlike his predecessors, Obama made his move in a low-key manner, opting not to repeal the gag rule on Thursday, the 36th anniversary of the landmark Roe vs.
East Cleveland Independent councillor Steve Kay sat on the benches in the council chamber at the Redcar and Cleveland meeting with a gag across his mouth.
Bajo el dominio capitalista del gag, la misma paradoja adopta hoy nueva formulacion: "No me importa nada que sobrevenga el Apocalipsis con tal de que pueda verlo por television".
A gag designation relates to a comic strip or cartoon that has one to four panels ending in a humorous punch line and has no discernable lengthy plot.
Gag orders were originally used to keep facts about ongoing trials inside the courtroom.