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GAPEGoogle Apps Premier Edition (Google)
GAPEGroupement Autonome des Parents d'Elèves (French: Autonomous Grouping of Parents)
GAPEGlobal Association for People and the Environment (Canada)
GAPEGazon Artificiel pour l'Environnement (French: Artificial Grass for Environment)
GAPEGuyana Association of Professional Engineers
GAPEGap Allowing Pattern Explorer (amino acid sequences)
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Lengwe gape o ne a re ke la Payment gateway le le diretsweng go rekisa, go duela kana go bapatsa dithoto tsa puso ka maranyane a segampieno.
For the gaping study, repeated-measures analysis of variance was performed to determine whether Crassostrea ariakensis and Crassostrea virginica gape width differed during the first 72 h of hypoxic exposure and whether the pH of the ambient seawater surrounding oysters that were gaping was less than that of oysters that were not gaping.
I've given up trying to fasten blouses because they always gape.
A long-defunct newpaper, the Otago Witness, hinted that he was neither Jackson, nor Jones, nor Trooper Gape and that his fellow tourists knew who he really was.
GAPE initially came out of Google's consumer product line.
Filled with a cast of off-center characters and lopsided shenanigans, readers will blunder along with Gape, Groan and Gordo as they meet their adventures "head" on, becoming unlikely heroes in the process.
Body length, vertical gape length, and horizontal gape length were recorded for each fish.
Superintendet Katse o tlhalositse gape fa ba kwadisitse melato ya go itsaya ka maitseo a a makgasa mo setshabeng e le meraro le melato ya go nwa mo seterateng e supa.
Mules helped gold miners reach claims, tourists gape at spectacular views, conservationists locate natural wonders, the Sierra Club find wilderness worth saving, hunters spot game, and Federal Land Management surveyors lay out tracts to preserve.