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Garble LLC was co-founded in 2012 by inventor-entrepreneurs Kevin Bartczak and Andy Biro with the mission of introducing truly effective consumer-level protection against RFID skimming.
"Hobson-Jobson" refers to a law of linguistics by which speakers of one language adapt (i.e., garble) a word or phrase from a different language to make it fit the patterns of their own.
As more computer programs are used in the dental office by different team members in multiple locations throughout the office, the chances increase that some action may garble the data.
The searching feature was only a little flinchy (on a rapid connection), sending back garble code only a few times and usually showing us what we asked for--a woman seeking a man, any age, any type, in the southern United States nabbed 7,192 matches.
The fairy's name was Garble. Everyone agrees this is not a nice name for a fairy at all, and it may have accounted somewhat for her disagreeable disposition.