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GARSGilliam Autism Rating Scale
GARSGlycinamide Ribonucleotide Synthetase
GARSGroningen Activity Restriction Scale
GARSGlobal Area Reference System
GARSGeological Applications of Remote Sensing
GARSGovernment Administrative Rate Supplement
GARSGovernmental Accounting Research System
GARSGlobal Asset Recovery Service (IBM)
GARSGlobus Advance Reservation Service
GARSGeneral Application Restraint System (aviation)
GARSGateway Association of Recreational Smokers (St. Louis, MO)
GARSGustavus Adolphus Rex Sveciae (Latin: Gustav Adolf King of Sweden)
GARSGreen Action Resource Station (Natural World Museum)
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Additional detail is available in the Help section of the GARS mobile version.
She says the hopes are that with a high GARS score and clinical assessment, a higher level of care will be easier to defend.
We did not see either of the two small gars again until, when starting to drain the pond, we found that one had survived, apparently in good condition, and had reached a large size.
You can catch Les Gars at the following dates: August 20, Manchester Roadhouse.
Unfortunately, I was set for action on the right side of the huge shooting platform, but I turned ill time to see the dark-green back of a four-foot alligator gar begin sinking out of sight.
They are accused of negligence and breach of fiduciary duty in failing to take legal advice before deciding on the differential terminal bonus policy which led to the GAR court case and in failing to mitigate the financial risk of losing the GAR litigation and to inform policyholders of the risk.
January to July 2000: Equitable withholds growth from all with-profits policyholders to cover GAR liabilities.
GARS also has air impact on European rentals and the Non-Waiveable Excess Fee (NWEF).
Equitable was plunged into difficulties when it lost a legal showdown in the House of Lords over the rights of its GAR policyholders, leaving it with a pounds 1.
The society tried to get around the problem by paying smaller final bonuses on GARs - but the Lords ruled the society must meet the guarantees.
451 GARS Report Examines the Evolution of Grid Computing and Enterprise Deployment Dynamics Across Various Vertical Markets