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GATORGovernment Access Tool for Online Retrieval
GATORGround/Air Task Oriented Radar
GATORGPS Availability To Overcome Resistance (USAF Space Battlelab)
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Many of these critters live in "sort of nasty places" that are polluted, and gators probably eat all kinds of sick animals, comments Paul Klein, a reptile infectious disease specialist at the University of Florida College of Medicine in Gainesville.
The GATOR course is just a part of the required training EOD forces must have before heading to the Iraq and Afghanistan areas of operations.
Taking place January 1, 2008, at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, the Konica Minolta Gator Bowl will be televised on the CBS network beginning 1 p.m.
Featured on the Gator TS is a 286 cc FC290V engine rated 10 hp at 2500 rpm.
The nutrient-rich soil that winds up on the banks in the making of gator holes grows a variety of native plants, and locals from turtles to fish to wading birds come to the gator hole to find nourishment.
Of course, some of your customers might go for a Gator Magnum or a concealed carry Gator-Lite.
This description by University of Florida religion professor David Hackett back when the Gators reigned as national champions--could be of just about any sports venue in America.
Another bonus is excellent UV protection, which means Gator utility vehicles will retain that "just-off-the-line" appearance for a longer time.
Clyde Marsh, Commander Task Force 51, could say the same about his "Gators." The amphibious forces under his command jumped into fleet air defense identification in some new ways to unseat Saddam Hussein's regime.
Raised in Escondido, Calif., during the heyday of the 1970s skateboarding renaissance, Rogowski took to the culture of backyard ramps and neighborhood skate parks quickly, earning the nickname "Gator" in reference to a T-shirt he frequently wore.
That's because she's the first-ever female to work in the Gator Wrestlin' Arena at Gatorland in Orlando, Fla.
Suddenly, however, the spin stopped and the gator rose toward the surface.