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GAUCHOGeneral Distributed Architecture for Unified Communications in Heterogeneous OSI Environments
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However, I didn't go to Gaucho with any bias in my mind, because business lunches are a category that can easily let you down, even from the best of kitchens.
The Gaucho brand was founded 23 years ago and they hadn't opened a new eatery since 2010.
It sure did whet my appetite and set me up for the main course - the Gaucho Burger.
Deserta el ejercito y se marcha con Anselmo, el gaucho malo, su ilusion es regresar con Dolores.
Este trabajo aborda el tejido de representaciones identitarias que entrama la imagen mas difundida del santo popular argentino Gaucho Antonio Gil, puesta en dialogo con los imaginarios que re-producen algunas practicas sociales y discursivas relacionadas con el icono.
The unlimited Rodizio menu at Espeto Gaucho starts at RO8++ (vegetarian), RO10++(chicken & lamb cuts), 14++(chicken, lamb & beef cuts) and served alongside fresh seasonal salads, starters and soups.
In this essay, I explore three uses of the figure of the gaucho and of the gaucho genre in Leopoldo Lugones, Jorge Luis Borges, and Juan Filloy.
Con los cambios de las condiciones productivas rurales, el gaucho habria encontrado imposible su supervivencia y se habria, finalmente, extinguido.
From Jorge Luis Borges to Bruce Chatwin, the gaucho has enhanced intellectuals.
Eventually the pair will work alongside traditional gauchos on a cattle drive in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.
In San Antonio de Areco, a bastion of Argentine gaucho culture outside the capital of Buenos Aires, the 33-year-old Tatta is known as ''the horse whisperer.
Pursuant to the supply agreement, GRILLiT will buy beef only from Natura Foods, while at the same time the latter will supply Gaucho Ranch-branded beef in the fast casual dining restaurant industry exclusively to GRILLiT, the restaurant operator said.