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Brown said this about GAWK Talent's new model and his daughter.
"To have foreigners come and gawk at a long line of people who are less fortunate than they are and to make money off of that and to view them as they are some sort of entertainment is pretty disgusting," ( Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz told the New York Post.
We will have peace and prosperity only if we learn to gaze rather than gawk at one another.
It doesn't take place in a 360-degree CGI theatre, true, like the other touring British Peter Pan now wrapping up its San Francisco run--but it does blend the tried-and-true stage magic of Flying By Foy with the incomparable grace and athleticism of ballet dancers.) Next, gather and gawk as Tomas Kubinek, the self-proclaimed "Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible," balances a glass of wine on his forehead while performing a backward somersault and playing a ukulele!
The authors address Linux commands, boot methods, package management, the Bash shell, the Emacs editor, a variety of editors, the gawk programming language, source code management, and more.
Request it at or skip the catalog and gawk at the tools online.
Visitors can see demonstrations and gawk at tropical seeds from around the world including the largest seed on the planet (double coconut).
Now Listen to Me, SonFirst, my fowl,Avoid all humans, who only comeTo gawk and giggle.
Lonesome George's lack of gregariousness extends across species: He has shown next to no interest in other tortoises, and retreats to the far reaches of his enclosure when tourists" and other strangers come to gawk.--B.
From beautifying one's home to buying boats or aircraft to taking fantastic vacations and even exotic indulgences like a gem-encrusted Rubik's cube allow even a savings-conscious consumer to gawk and wonder at everything from modest quality-of-life improvements to extravagant expenditures of cash.
A nurse at the Merseyside hospital said: "It is sick that Brady should want to read about his evil crimes and gawk at pictures of his victims."