gbXMLGreen Building eXtensible Markup Language
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The Process of Using gbXML to Export the ASHRAE HQ Revit Model to Trace to Perform HVAC Load Calculations
In our project, instead of using standard data models such as IFC or gbXML, we utilized the Revit API capability to access the BIM data directly to (1) preserve object relationships established by parametric modeling, (2) define a model view of Revit to support bidirectional data exchange with the object-oriented simulation solver--LBNL Modelica Buildings Library.
(The BIM software used in the previous effort was a 2010 release.) In addition to my use of the internal BIM load calculation software, two other presentations will be based on use of gbXML export to more traditional loads programs for comparison.
In addition, major HVAC manufacturers accept gbXML input directly into their energy--and load-analysis packages.
Developers of the open-source Green Building XML (gbXML) data standard, Green Building Studio provides expert design assistance and research consulting services and operates the energy efficiency information web service.
After modelling, energy consumption relevant data could be exported in gbXML format and analysed by tools such as Ecotect, Green Building Studio, and DOE-2.
Two of the most common formats are IFC1 and gbXML. (2)
Developers of the open-source Green Building XML (gbXML) data standard, GBS provides expert design assistance and operates the award-winning web service (for architects and engineers).
Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), gbXml and Extensive Markup Language (XML) are the major formats being used for BIM to BEM import by BEM software.
In the ideal world, this data, if based on a fully defined view, could be exported as an IFC or gbXML file and used directly by an energy modeling program.
Autodesk is committed to supporting open, standards-based data exchange mechanisms in its products, and the IFC 2x3 certification joins other mechanisms including DXF, DWF, XML, ODBC, gbXML, and LandXML.
The gbXML specification was scanned with each promising object traversed in an XML schema editor to examine each element.