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GEEKGeneral Electrical Engineering Knowledge
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The term geek is now used increasingly as an adjective, rather than merely a strict stereotype.
It's a management tale and morality fable, which may be why the book has been so popular among Wall Street traders and Web geeks.
In the UK, many executives are almost as cynical as their geek charges, so Glen's suggestion of "telling stories" as part of a team bonding exercises will not be picked up universally.
Some Geek Squad technicians allegedly received $500 or $1,000 payments.
This merger reinforces Geek Fever's ongoing commitment and dedication to bringing otherworldly game experiences to market.
And whatever you drink, make sure you toast the beer geeks who made it.
London, January 10 (ANI): Megan Fox has revealed that she has a liking for geeks.
From music to comedy to film, it's the geeks I covet and think are the best.
His skinny torso, wildly curly hair and retro-looking glasses fit the geek look the producers were seeking.
The sport's roots lie in guerrilla street theater by the likes of Survival Research Laboratories' Mark Pauline and in geek games showcased at science fiction conventions.