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GELGeorgia Lari (ISO currency code)
GELGeneral Extension Language (scripting language)
GELGuichets d'economie Locale (French: Windows on Local Economy; Belgium)
GELGAIN Extension Language (4th generation multimedia programming language)
GELGeneral Emulation Language
GELGravity Effects in Lyophilization
GELGlobal Equity Lending
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There was no significant difference between gelatin solutions and other intravenous fluids when all strata of different alternative fluids were pooled together (WMD 0.
Suseelan said that the Pharma industry is doing well, particularly in India and demand for gelatin is constantly on the rise.
Peat recommends obtaining glycine in its natural state as gelatin because alanine and praline also prevent cell damage.
Gelatin (Type B, bovine skin) was purchased from Sigma Aldrich (Steinheim, Germany).
The VRG contacted four major kosher certifying agencies that certify kosher food products in the United States today--Star-K, OK, the Orthodox Union (OU), and KOF-K--to clarify the meaning of kosher gelatin.
Experiments led by agricultural engineer Roberto de Jesus Avena-Bustillos, formerly with McHugh's group and now a collaborator based at the University of California-Davis, showed that the fish-derived gelatin films serve as a protective barrier against the damaging effects of moisture and oxygen.
Ballistic gelatin has done for bullet performance what inexpensive chronographs did for velocities a generation ago: made everyone play by the same rules.
Demonstrate how to use starches and gelatin properly by preparing the recipes at the end of this chapter.
Gelatin is most common material used for making drug capsules.
Give your table a title that identifies your variables ("The Effect of Gelatin Flavor on Melting Time").
No-stick cooking spray * 1 large box of lime gelatin * Small-curd cottage cheese * Mini marshmallows * Pretzel sticks * Raisins * Finely shredded Cheddar cheese
DENVER -- Patients who react to vaccines that contain egg or gelatin may be allergic to those food ingredients even though they safely eat omelets or a gelatin dessert, Dr.