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GELSGrup Excursionista la Salle
GELSGroup Employment Liaison Scheme (New Zealand)
GELSGenetics, Ethics, Law and Society
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The gel formed a porous shell around each organism - trapping it, yet permitting nutrients to flow in and by-products to flow out.
The Company's innovative product portfolio comprises high-quality analysis and data mining tools for 1D and 2D electrophoresis gels, and mass spectrometry data, the core technologies of genomics and proteomics.
The first studies tested Oxiplex Gel for its utility as a drug delivery system.
In addition to the new mid-format gel system, Invitrogen introduced its new dual power supply enabling researchers to power multiple electrophoresis apparatus.
The main objective was to demonstrate that the efficacy of the miconazole Lauriad(R) 50mg Bioadhesive Buccal Tablet administered once daily for 14 days, was not inferior to that of miconazole oral gel 500mg delivered in 4 divided doses for 14 days.
Besins, the largest manufacturer of prescription hydroalcoholic gels in Europe, is a privately-held company headquartered in Belgium, with revenue of more than $100 million and 300 employees, including manufacturing and sales.
The full line includes instruments such as the ProXPRESS(TM) Proteomics Imaging System, ProXCISION Proteomics Gel Cutting Robot, MultiPROBE(R) II Proteomics Workstation for protein digestion and MALDI spotting, TOFprep(TM) MALDI Spotting System, and the recently announced prOTOF(TM) 2000 MALDI O-TOF mass spectrometer for protein identification.
Z4000 allows researchers to design the experiment, control its progress and accurately analyze large sets of gels.
Nasdaq:MAXM) (SSE:MAXM) announced the commencement of a randomized, blinded clinical study of its MX8899 topical gel for the treatment of radiation-induced dermatitis, a serious side effect of head and neck radiation therapy used in the treatment of various cancers.
Many scientists have recognized the power of 2D gels for separating and studying proteins, but only large, specialized laboratories have adopted them for regular use.
With our existing approach to 2D gel analysis, an experienced scientist devoted full time to visual gel review using our old software is unable to complete results for all gels now produced each week, and we know that increasing the number of people performing this task will decrease the accuracy and reproducibility of those results," said Dr.
Additionally, we look forward to significant contributions from key products, such as the larger format 2-D gels, and the gel component we supply for our customers HIV Diagnostic Kit, to help sustain growth in the near term.