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GENEGlobal Education Network Europe (est. 2001; EU)
GENEGeneral Electric Nuclear Energy
GENEGeriatric Emergency Nursing Education (nursing)
GENEGrooving Electronic Natural Environments (band)
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He quoted a scientist who optimistically claimed that genetic engineering will eventually eliminate the gene and therefore the problems of addiction.
In the young girl's case, the disorder stems from a flawed gene that is the genetic blueprint for making a substance, adenosine deaminase (ADA), that plays a crucial role in immune defenses.
A team of NIDCD-supported scientists has located the gene responsible for a nonsyndromic dominant form of hearing impairment in a large family from Costa Pica who develop hearing impairment in late childhood.
However, most scientists and physicians who have studied the puzzle of why certain people get the disease while others don't are convinced that heredity-the genes we inherit from our ancestors-is a very important factor.
The presence of complementary transcripts has many functions like genomic organization and gene regulation in prokaryotes (Inouye and Delihas, 1988).
"We don't know the exact molecular action of this gene yet," Haussler says.
Gene expression profiles associated with inflammation, fibrosis, and cholestasis in mouse liver after Griseofulvin.
Another reported angiotensin II-induced gene, Angrem104 (accession no.
Gene Express offers the most advanced gene expression technology available based on patented technology invented by Gene Express Chief Scientific and Medical Consultant Dr.
One major problem: gene flow, which means that windblown or animal-carried GM pollen can contaminate nearby plants, like weeds, which can grow rampant.
IBM and NNSA's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will jointly design a new supercomputer in the Blue Gene family.
Consider that at least four binders have come in, or are on the way, from rival pharmaceutical companies trying to patent the gene that creates beta-secretase, the enzyme that scientists believe causes Alzheimer's disease.