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GEOIDGravity for Earth, Ocean and Ice Dynamics
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Lat, latitude (N); Lon, longitude (E); Exp, shore exposition direction; Alt R, altitude range (m a.s.l.); L, total profile length (km); LU(G), land uplift rate relative to geoid (mm/yr) (Suursaar & Kall 2017).
Studies showed that it is possible to obtain residuals between EGM2008 geoid undulations and GPS/leveling at the level of [+ or -]5 to [+ or -]10 cm (Pavlis et al., 2012).
These models have a positive impact on determining geoid changes.
The present study was partly motivated by the Nordic Geodetic Commission (NKG) that is using the gravity field data in geoid modelling for the needs of geospatial community and industry.
In order to present GOCE contribution in space domain, we selected 0-200 degrees / orders of EIGEN5C, EGMGOCE, EGM08 and EGMD5 to compute geoid values at mean surface of the Earth.
It was found that the longitudinally averaged percentage of water bears a significant correlation coefficient of .630 with the longitudinally averaged geoid height.
The Australian Geodetic Datum 1966 (AGD66)--a best fit of the MSL geoid over the Australian Continent--is still used extensively in oil and gas exploration.
Parsons, "Geoid anomalies over two South Atlantic fracture zones," Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol.
Geodesy addresses the shape of the earth: the topographic surface, geoid, and best-fit ellipsoid.