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Howsoever he noteth it right, that seditious tumults, and seditious fames, differ no more but as brother and sister, masculine and feminine; especially if it come to that, that the best actions of a state, and the most plausible, and which ought to give greatest contentment, are taken in ill sense, and traduced: for that shows the envy great, as Tacitus saith; conflata magna invidia, seu bene seu male gesta premunt.
I must have told the boys stories out of my Goldsmith's Greece and Rome, or it would not have been known that I had read them, but I have no recollection now of doing so, while I distinctly remember rehearsing the allegories and fables of the 'Gesta Romanorum', a book which seems to have been in my hands about the same time or a little later.
And in these thought journeys, sitting at his little window, with a big book upon his knee, he visited the famous places which the Gesta Romanorum unrolled before him.
Very probably Hesiod used much material of a far older date, just as Shakespeare used the "Gesta Romanorum", old chronicles, and old plays; but close inspection will show that the "Works and Days" has a real unity and that the picturesque title is somewhat misleading.
It is related in the "Gesta Sanctorum" that a sacristan in the Canterbury cathedral surprised the head of Saint Dennis in the library.
(15) Howard Marchitello suggests that the Gesta encourages us to approach the "literary text with an eye toward its more or less direct negotiations with the scientific," and I follow his program of studying documents like the Gesta in a "perpetual middle ground" where science and culture are not held in distinction.
Moreover, Gillingham proposes that modern scholarship tends to accept William's portrayal of both men at face value, suggesting that a close reading of Gesta Regum Anglorum reveals a portrait of William II that is not wholly unsympathetic, and one of Henry I that is not wholly untarnished.
Campbell gave him the biggest scare - Hull's Olympic golden boy recovered well from an early knock down and was only denied by a split-decision - but Linares remains a class Champion Jorge Linares act and should be too good for Gesta.
The reviewer remembers as an undergraduate being firmly told that the anonymous Gesta Francorum was the only important Latin source for the First Crusade as all the others were, to a greater or lesser extent, derived from it.