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For birth weight, the analyses were also adjusted for gestational age at delivery, maternal pregestational body mass index (BMI), weight gain during pregnancy, and paternal BMI.
Correlation between self-reported gestational age and ultrasound measurements.
A set of 5 to 7 images for each gestational age group were used for carrying out the simulation.
Small for gestational age infants are at risk of poor post-natal growth.
The secondary objective was to determine whether there were differences in the proportion of stillbirths identified as SGA by gestational age.
Term infants were more likely to have received breast milk than were preterm infants, with percentages increasing with gestational age: 71.3% of extremely preterm infants, 76.0% of early preterm infants, 77.3% of late preterm infants, and 84.6% of term infants.
Term and late pre-term infants (defined as birth weight of at least 2 000 g or more and gestational age of 34 weeks or more), [19] who were born and admitted to the CHBAH neonatal unit from January 2012 to December 2013, with a main diagnosis of IDM.
Accordingly, the aim of this study was compare factors associated during birth in extremely premature infants who were born SGA (< 10th percentile for gestational age) with those who were born appropriate-for-gestational age (AGA) (10th-89th percentile) and to determine whether there was catch-up growth at term equivalence, defined in our study at 36 weeks corrected gestational age (CGA).
Babies were considered full-term if the gestational age was 37 completed weeks.
There are two types of LBW babies, preterm and full term according to gestational age.
This population-based study is among the first to show differences in adverse birth outcomes beyond preterm birth and, more specifically, by organ system conditions across gestational age categories, according to Sunah S.