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GETAGovernment Employees Training Act
GETAGeneric Engine for Transposable Association (software)
GETAGroupe d'Étude pour la Traduction Automatique (French: Machine Translation Study Group; computing)
GETAGeneral Endotracheal Anesthesia
GETAGovernment Emerging Technology Alliance (membership organization; US DoD)
GETAGreater Elmira Tennis Association (Elmira, NY)
GETAGeneral Equipment Test Activity (US Army)
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Pero fue el hispano Paulo Orosio quien definitivamente produjo la identificacion total de godos y getas, propuesta que tendria importantes consecuencias, ya que seria recogida por el gran transmisor de conocimientos que fue Isidoro de Sevilla.
Suspended in off-balance arabesque on the tip of his geta, he's a heron in flight.
The experimental material used in our work is wheat (Triticum durum) Geta come from hard JTGC (demonstration farm and seed production Guelma).
Also discovered was a cameo showing Caracalla in the likeness of Hercules, and an altar from South Shields set up to celebrate the safe return to Rome of Caracalla and Geta after the death of their father.
After successful campaigns in the Near East and Africa, in 208 he took Caracalla and Geta with him to Britain.
Of his simple recipe for tonight's success, the Scot added: "Wetried to geta system where the players were comfortable in their positions.
She made a dash for the car, for which she had the keys in her pocket, in an effort to make a quick geta way.
Karan koron'' is a Japanese onomatopoeia that depicts the distinctive sound made by of a pair of traditional wooden clogs called geta as the wearer shuffles across the floor.
Balarama (Virata Geta, Brahmanda Bhugola), Jagannatha (Tula Bhina), Chaitanya (Nirguna Mahatmya), Dvaraka (Parase Geta and Chatisa-Gupta Geta) and Bhima Bhoi (Stuti Cintamani and Brahma Nirupana Geta).
But councillor Kevin Foster, responsible for city services, warns motorists they won't geta free-for-all.
Let's go back to the days when we were strictly governed as to when we could geta drink.