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GETSGet String (C programming function)
GETSGovernment Emergency Telecommunications Service
GETSGlobal Environment and Trade Study (est. 1994)
GETSGovernment Electronic Tendering Service (Canada)
GETSGroundwater Extraction and Treatment System
GETSGPS Enhanced Theater Support
GETSGeneral Environmental Test Specification
GETSGround Equipment Test Set
GETSGlobal Enterprise Technology System (Boeing Co.)
GETSGeneral Electric Transportation Systems
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The waiter expects a quarter at breakfast--and gets it.
You ask the portier at what hours the trains leave--he tells you instantly; or you ask him who is the best physician in town; or what is the hack tariff; or how many children the mayor has; or what days the galleries are open, and whether a permit is required, and where you are to get it, and what you must pay for it; or when the theaters open and close, what the plays are to be, and the price of seats; or what is the newest thing in hats; or how the bills of mortality average; or "who struck Billy Patterson.
Jerry gets up very deliberate, and walks over to the parrot.
She bustles about and gets the food served out, and we begins to eat.
For a moment or two they thought he couldn't get up; but then, holding on with arms and teeth, he worked first one iron then the other firmly into the bark, got another grip with his arms, and in another minute had hold of the lowest branch.
With such a cargo on board, digestion is a slow process, and we must sit long in the cool chambers and smoke--and read French newspapers, which have a strange fashion of telling a perfectly straight story till you get to the "nub" of it, and then a word drops in that no man can translate, and that story is ruined.
Alexander Spencer was up here one day before Christmas and she said she was going to get a little girl from the asylum over in Hopeton in the spring.
I can see all of it when I get upon a chair--all but the bit behind the fireplace.
said the prince gloomily, getting up from his low chair, and seeming anxious to get away, yet stopping in the doorway.
But he'll get there sometime all right, and then he'll laugh at himself.
A night had passed since Marian's note was written--hours must elapse still before I could get back to them--some new disaster might have happened already of which I was ignorant.
John is a physician, and PERHAPS--(I would not say it to a living soul, of course, but this is dead paper and a great relief to my mind)--PERHAPS that is one reason I do not get well faster.