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GILDGilead Sciences (stock symbol)
GILDGlobal Institute for Leadership Development
GILDGlobal Insolvency Law Database (World Bank)
GILDGas-Immersed Laser Doping
GILDGoddard Infrared Locking Data System
GILDGeneralized Irregular Low Density
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The Gild is an organization of senior suppliers to the gas industry recognized for promoting good will and natural gas.
The Borough of Birmingham paid pounds 50 for the licence and the Gild of the Holy Cross then built its hall - with its clock and chimes - at the bottom end of New Street, where the Odeon now stands and where King Edward's School used to be.
GILD ranks universities based on the performance of graduating students and graduates on the GILD Software Engineering Aptitude exam.
Gild meetings occur throughout the year at various industry conferences where members congregate.
The GILD Report is the first industry report to analyze the quality of skills possessed by professionals across universities, companies and metro areas in India.
to the fraternity of the Gild of the Holy Trinity in Lavenham to buy lands tenements or rents for a priest to celebrate divine service for ever in the church for the souls of the brothers and sisters of the fraternity [pound]20.
According to Sheeroy Desai, CEO of GILD, "GILD's study of over 1 million skill tests shows the dramatic advances coming out of India, where in some cases engineers are clearly rivaling their counterparts in the US.
It is the only Pater Noster Gild roll to survive and experts at the institute say it is in remarkable condition.
Frank Chapman, (kneeling) was `knighted' at the recent Gild of Ancient Supplers meeting held in conjunction with the Midwest Energy Association's Operations Conference in Ames, IA.
Promoted by PAC Labs, GILD was launched in September, 2010.