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GILDGilead Sciences (stock symbol)
GILDGlobal Institute for Leadership Development
GILDGlobal Insolvency Law Database (World Bank)
GILDGas-Immersed Laser Doping
GILDGoddard Infrared Locking Data System
GILDGeneralized Irregular Low Density
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'Air traffic controllers cannot work effectively if they continue to face the psychological stress imposed by Asim Suleman,' the Gild head maintained.
Innaurato began her career at the American Meter Company and in 1976, joined the Gild serving them for the past 36 years.
This Gild was open to folk both within and without Birmingham, whilst its members could appoint a Master and Wardens to govern it, found a charitry and do other works of charity.
The Gild report which is a regular monthly affair highlights the availability of technical talent in India by skill, the best educational institutions and the top employers based on GILD's independent assessment of professionals.
The Gild is a non-profit honor society of suppliers to the gas industry throughout the U.S.
GILD, the fastest growing network for technology professionals today announced the release of the first ever GILD Talent Report for the India market, which comprises a comprehensive analysis covering over one lakh IT professionals who are active members of the GILD network.
The women of the London Gild who ran the most successful breweries were married women, who could use their husband's legal independence and commercial credit to benefit their business.
The Guildhall was the proud showpiece of the Gild of Corpus Christi, one of four gilds existing in Lavenham in former days, each with its own hall.
India, July 11 -- GILD, the professional social networking platform that combines social gaming with career advancement, released results of a major international study comparing US and Indian developers in key programming and communication skills.The study, which examined over 1 million tests taken by nearly 500,000 developers, found Indians outshine US developers in math and logic, two of the core skills desired by US technology companies such as Oracle, Salesforce, and eBay.
Members of the Gild of Ancient Supplers attending the MEA Operations Conference in Ames, IA are pictured left to right: Jim Donnelly, Oliver Klinger, both with Pipeline & Gas Journal, Scotte Kleppe, Sensit Technologies; Patrick Van Beek, MEA; Paul Wehnert, Heath Consultants; Thom Phalen, We Energies (guest speaker); Mike Nelson, Nelson Technologies.
The company has completed gold-top finishes on Bentleys, Porsches and Mercedes and is planning to completely gild an Aston Martin DBS in 24-carat gold and platinum.
The Formby Gild Hall Toddler Group is holding a charity fun day at the Gild Hall on Sunday, June 24.