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GINGet It Now
GINGuinea (ISO Country code)
GINGoods Identity Number (Configuration Identification and Management)
GINGlobal Information Network
GINGrid Interoperability Now
GINGuidelines International Network
GINGreening of Industry Network
GINGraphics Input
GINGlobal Islands Network
GINGoods Inward Note
GINGlobal Investigators Network
GINGrenoble Institut des Neurosciences (French)
GINGovernmental in Nature (function performed by the Government)
GINGovernmental in Nature (US Army)
GINGreenland - Iceland - Norway
GINGlutamate-Like Immunoreactive Neuron (central nervous system)
GINGeoscience Information Network
GINGovernment Intranet Network
GINGeospatial Information and Navigation
GINGrants Integration Network
GINGeneral Identification Number
References in classic literature ?
Go I with no man gin it be not with mine own free will.
But let me tell thee, thou stout fellow, gin thou be a good friend it were well for us both; but gin thou be no good friend it were ill for thee.
But sad news it is indeed, gin there be two stout fellows in the stocks.
But gin men be put in the stocks for drinking ale and beer, I trow thou wouldst not lose thy part.
So we bit the detonator down for him, shoved in a fuse, and picked him a good fire-stick, while he jolted up with a couple more stiff ones of gin.
We parted with harsh words; for he wanted to take a square-face along to refresh himself by the way, while I was set against running any chance of wasting the gin.
Maybe it was the gin, or the anxiousness, or the weakness and the hunger, and maybe it was the result of all of them, but at any rate I was all of a shake.
There was no question but what it was increasing, but he failed to ascribe it to the gin he had taken.
In the morning, sick and headachey from the gin, he crawled out to find the sun still in the sky and God presumable in heaven, for his hosts were alive and uninjured.
But eighteen glasses of gin consumed among boxers in an ignoble pot-house--it was an odious crime and not to be pardoned readily.
Good-even, Major; will I make the bowl of gin toddy the night, or it’s likely ye’ll stay at the big house the Christmas eve, and the very night of yer getting there?
Then the White Man crept back to his bed, and the shivering natives, fortified with gin, or squareface, as it is called locally, took refuge on the second wagon, drawing a tent-sail over them.