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He was still not coherent, as he swayed back and forth, at times resting his head on the glareshield.
Meanwhile, leaving any electronic device sitting in the sun on the glareshield is going to warm it up.
But, just slapping an AOA indicator on the glareshield won't magically solve these problems and make you a better or safer pilot.
We saw initial climb rates of 2000 FPM, which makes for a fairly steep deck angle for VFR climbs, especially with the large glareshield.
Since the one nearest us is 13 nm away, the link comes alive around 400 feet AGL after takeoff with the receiver and its integral stubby antenna mounted on the glareshield.
In the King Air retrofit, the panel is placed up near the center of the glareshield so both pilots can reach it.
No matter which portable FIS-B receiver you choose from among the many options, understand that you'll need to mount it on the top of the glareshield for adequate reception.
Pictured at right and mounted on the glareshield of a Bonanza, is the Alpha Systems Legacy Display AoA.
Piper also gets crashworthiness kudos for installing a thickly padded glareshield.