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GLCGreat Little Car (Mazda model introduced in 1977)
GLCGreater London Council
GLCGoldie Lookin' Chain (hip-hop collective)
GLCGas Liquid Chromatography
GLCGreen Lantern Corps (DC Comics)
GLCGlobal Learning Consortium (Lake Mary, FL)
GLCGovernment-Linked Company
GLCGod's Learning Channel
GLCGeorgia Learning Connections
GLCGround Level Concentration
GLCGlobal Linear Collider
GLCGreat Lakes Crossing (Michigan)
GLCGreat Lakes College (Michigan)
GLCGraphic Logic Controller (computer displays)
GLCGeographic Locator Codes
GLCGenerator Line Contactor
GLCGeorge Louis Costanza (Seinfeld character)
GLCGeneral Language Course
GLCGreat Lakes Commission des Grands Lacs (Ann Arbor, MI)
GLCGuiding Light Church (Birmingham, AL)
GLCG-Induced Loss of Consciousness
GLCGlobal Land Coalition
GLCGenealogical Library Catalog
GLCGraduate Loan Center (Chicago, IL)
GLCGeorgian Lottery Company (est. 2009)
GLCGreyhound Lines Canada
GLCGround Level Conditions
GLCGroup Logistic Coordinator
GLCGeneral Labor Code
GLCGreat Lakes Centers for Occupational and Environmental Health
GLCGravity Induced Loss of Consciousness
GLCGeneral Layout Component
GLCGroup Learning Centre
GLCGhana Leasing Company (est. 1991)
GLCGoodLink Client
GLCGood Luck Chuck (movie)
GLCGreat Lakes Conference (various organizations)
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Early detection and appropriate therapy of glaucoma can significantly improve a child's future life and vision.
Glaucoma first affects the peripheral or side vision and then progresses to the central vision.
Our team published thefirst clinical results of the Trabectome for Chinese open-angle glaucoma patients in a 12-month follow-up.
Globally, glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness, with over 60 million people suffering from the disease and 4.
13] The current study is not a prevalence study, rather it is an observational study and the motive behind this study is to find the demographic distribution of glaucoma and also its types.
He said that some forms of glaucoma may occur at birth congenital or during infancy and childhood (juvenile) in most cases however, glaucoma appears after the 4th decade of life, and its frequency increases with age.
The CyPass Micro-Stent is designed to address the greatest unmet need in glaucoma treatment, reducing patient burden by lowering dependence on topical glaucoma medicine," said Ian Bell, Region President, Europe, Middle East and Africa for Alcon.
Fear of falling and visual field loss from glaucoma.
4% participants had awareness of glaucoma as a blinding eye disease.
The Glaucoma EpiCast Report provides an overview of the risk factors and global trends of glaucoma in the 7MM (US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and UK).
It is estimated that by 2020, 11m individuals will be blind due to glaucoma and around 10% of the people suffering from eye disorders will experience loss of vision in spite of proper treatment.