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GLEANGOMS Language Evaluation and Analysis
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The more [volunteers] get into it, the more they will see what is available to glean.
I guarantee that everyone attending will glean at least one thing that can help improve a team or player.
We can glean the meaning from the context, but is this a phrase we can expect to see more of?
The city of Delta is characterized as a farming community and when Dansdill one day spoke with a friend who worked in agriculture, the thought of having inmates glean onions from a nearby farm came to mind.
Three years ago, Project GLEAN (Gaining Leverage and Empowerment Through Adequate Nutrition began as a partnership between university, a food bank, and a K-8 elementary school.
The couple will garden and glean as long as they're physically able, LaKay said.
Oliva previously served as VPMA at Glean General Hospital in Glean, N.
EPA outlined its specific plans for reforming the Glean Air Act New Source Review (NSR) air pollution program.
Later chapters, in particular, glean new insights from the juxtapositions that emerge as a result of their spatial organization; for instance, a chapter on "Place, Boundary; and Position" considers the dissolution of the monasteries, the alteration of great houses to provide more impressive entrances, the shift from dining in the great hail to a more private chamber, and the role of the hall screen, in relation to larger social movements which moved cultural value from religious to secular, public to private, place to process.
No such judgment impedes Varda's research, as she refuses to separate out those who glean for food to survive from those who simply glean for fun: She levels the gleaning field.