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GLENGay and Lesbian Equality Network (Ireland)
GLENGardens, Landscaping Enhancing Nature
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The beautiful aspect of the shore is heightened by deep and romantic glens, which come down to it at almost equal distances, all apparently radiating from a common centre, and the upper extremities of which are lost to the eye beneath the shadow of the mountains.
Viewed from our ship as she lay at anchor in the middle of the harbour, it presented the appearance of a vast natural amphitheatre in decay, and overgrown with vines, the deep glens that furrowed it's sides appearing like enormous fissures caused by the ravages of time.
That's a train pulling into Glen Ellen, an' it's only a mile from here.
Declining an invitation to supper, he rode on for Glen Ellen sitting slack-kneed in the saddle and softly humming forgotten songs.
Daylight could not persuade himself to keep to the travelled roads that day, and another cut across country to Glen Ellen brought him upon a canon that so blocked his way that he was glad to follow a friendly cow-path.
Surplus vehicles and miscellaneous metals throughout the City of Glen Cove located at DPW Yard at 100 Morris Avenue, Glen Cove, NY
Glen, 29, of Milnsbridge, has found a niche painting stars of stage, screen and sporting arenas.
After seeing Bowie in concert in 1973, Glen was inspired to paint the singer in different styles and themes.
Glen Rock said that the deal will create a stronger community banking organisation with greater resources and a larger branch footprint in the northern New Jersey financial services marketplace.
All Llewellyn-Edison branches now operate as Glen Rock Savings Bank.
Har Koi Jeetega-7 is an effort by Glen India to make a valuable place in Indian household as a part of their happiness" says Sunil Kapoor, Vice President, Glen India.