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GLIAGreat Lakes Initiative on AIDS
GLIAGlycoprotein Lectin Immunosorbent Assay
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And yet somehow the final total number of glia always came to the same number--280--and they always fully infiltrated the bundle of motor neurons they needed to support.
With the help of advanced imaging technologies such as positron emission tomography, the scientists were able to show that hormones such as insulin and leptin act specifically on 'support' glia cells to regulate sugar intake into the brain, like a 'sugar switch'.
Scientists are beginning to get a sense of how glia coordinate the brain's intricate symphony of signals, Fields says.
Her bir petrinin rastgele alanlarindan cekilen 10'ar adet fotograftaki noron ve glia hucrelerinin sayimi sonucunda glia sayilari toplam hucre sayisina oranlanarak yuzde glia orani %20 olarak saptandi (Sekil 2b).
We want to show the students that their studies are just as important as their sports interests," said Glia.
Their topics include hardware and software from microscopes to cameras used in Ca2+ recordings, bioluminescent Ca2+ indicators, intracellular calcium-sensitive microelectrodes, Ca2+ imaging of the intracellular organelles endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria, in vivo Ca2+ imaging of the living brain using the multi-cell bolus loading technique, and Ca2+ imaging of glia.
Glia outnumber neurons in the human brain by a factor of 10 to one, and astrocytes are the most abundant type of glial cell.
THERE is no natural control against the pests, which are currently confined to south-east England and East An glia, but spreading outwards at around 40 miles a year.
Specifically, the partners have succeeded in inducing most of neural cell species including neurons and glia cells from mouse embryonic stem cells.