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GLIDEGlobal Identifier
GLIDEGnu Linked Integrated Development Environment
GLIDEGreat Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (Lorain County Community College Campus; Ohio)
GLIDEGlobal Litter Invertebrate Decomposition Experiment (Colorado State University)
GLIDEGays and Lesbians Initiating Dialogue for Equality (Los Angeles, CA)
GLIDEGovernment Land Information Data Exchange (Canada)
GLIDEGlobal Integrated Design Environment
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Everyone that has experienced GLIDE comes away a believer, said Buffett.
Holding best glide into a headwind on short final and see you clearly won't make it?
Glide, which has designed a service aimed at making sharing bills simple for tenants and property businesses, will become part of CableCom.
The first thing that you notice about the 2015 Road Glide Special is the massive barmounted fairing.
Glide Technologies chief executive officer, Dr Mark Carnegie-Brown, said, 'Following encouraging stability data with initial formulations we are pleased that NIAID continues to fund the progression of this program.
But during a glide, the flyer splays out its ribs and sucks in its belly.
Error-Based Evidence for the Phonology of Glides and Nasals in Polish with Reference to English
A paper published in The Journal of Retirement argues that asset-allocation glide paths popularized in target-date funds (TDFs) fail to deliver superior end-point wealth.
To find Vms, we use some basic math to establish the glide polar, a function associating to each airspeed the vertical velocity of the aircraft in still air (where airspeed equals groundspeed).
Dr Roeland de Kat, research fellow in the aerodynamics and flight mechanics research group, says: "What interests me is that aerodynamic efficiency is not the dominant factor in determining glide efficiency.
Flight simulations demonstrate that this behaviour had advantages since this high lift coefficient allows for slow glides, which can be achieved with less height loss.