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GLIMGreat Lakes Institute of Management (Chennai, India)
GLIMGeneralized Linear Modeling
GLIMGeneralized Linear Interactive Modeling (statistical analysis program)
GLIMGraphical Languages in Mathematics (Australian Research Council)
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We refer to this GLIM model and estimation approach as the VO (vessel-effect binomial model with over-dispersion) approach.
A análise estatística foi realizada utilizando a metodologia de Modelos Lineares Generalizados, descrita por Nelder e Weddeburn (1972), pelo pacote estatístico GLIM.
Jou lyf glim soos koper op die veld en grassaad buig oor jou hul moredou, hier waar jy slaap jou laaste slaap.
We used GLIM software to fit hazard (intensity) regression models for estimating the abortion risk of women after a live birth, and to fit logistic regression models for estimating the ratio of pregnancies that end in induced abortion to pregnancies that end in delivery (the abortion ratio).
In this sense the GLIM system--generalized linear interactive modeling developed by the "Royal Statistical Society"--is available.
The multi-variable regression analysis was accomplished with a statistical computer package named GLIM (Generalized Linear Interactive Modeling), release 3 [ref.
Founded in 2004, GLIM currently provides IONM services to 14 hospitals in the western New York area, including Buffalo and Rochester.
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Statistical modeling of risk factors was performed by the Public Health Laboratory Service Statistics Unit, using EpiInfo and GLIM (Ganeralised Linear Interactive Modelling [13]).