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GLIMGreat Lakes Institute of Management (Chennai, India)
GLIMGeneralized Linear Modeling
GLIMGeneralized Linear Interactive Modeling (statistical analysis program)
GLIMGraphical Languages in Mathematics (Australian Research Council)
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The GLIM team considered malnutrition criteria that were retrieved from established approaches to diagnosis.
Over a three-year period, we interviewed 67 students (aged 10-12 years) annually on a total of six number line items drawn from the Graphical Languages in Mathematics (GLIM) test.
In 1992 and 1993, Diab played two roles in Ice Cream Fe Glim and Dehk Wele'b Wegad Wehob u which was also chosen as the opening film in the Egyptian Film Festival that year.
When there is no spatial heterogeneity in stock densities, p can be estimated by using a Poisson generalized linear model (GLIM; e.g., McCullagh and Nelder, 1989).
Hand-woven floor carpets (Glim, Ziloo, Gabe), turquoise and other precious stones, inlaid work, potteries and ceramic were among the main Iranian handicrafts exported to the USA, Japan, Germany, and other European and Asian countries, he mentioned.
Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM), Chennai and Union Bank of India (532477.BO) (UNBK.NS) (UNIONBANK.NS) have entered into an agreement to create a centre of excellence in banking.
For Zambians, anxious for glim pses of the future under their incoming president, the inaugural speech handed down by Rupiah Banda sounded like many they'd heard before: it could have been copied from Kaunda, Chiluba or Mwanawasa.
This graduate textbook introduces the main facilities of the statistical package for generalized linear interactive modeling (GLIM), and illustrates its use for normal, binomial, Poisson/multinomial and survival models.
A required sample size of 192 cases was estimated by using Generalised Linear Interactive Modelling (GLIM) (14).
Then the FUEL XFER and GLIM 7.5 G cautions illuminated, which drew my attention to the fuel page.
Variables entered into the final GLIM regression model were: species (SPS), diameter (DBH), distance from nearest infested tree (INFEST), distance to nearest road (ROAD), percentage impermeability of ground surface under tree canopy (IMP), vigor estimate of tree (VIG), and distance from nearest building (BLDG).