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GLOBGround Loving Old Bastard
GLOBGeneration Line of Business (British Columbia Hydro; Canada)
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Bu calismanin amaci glob retraksiyonu ile iliskili ileri derece yukari ve asagi atim tedavisinde, es zamanli ipsilateral MR geriletme uygulanarak veya MR geriletmesi yapilmadan gerceklestirilen modifiye Y-split uygulamasi ve lateral rektus geriletme cerrahisini sunmaktir.
Pondering how fish managed to form globs at the proper distance, the team tested for additives such as fish mucus, which can change water viscosity.
Glob tops are designed to exhibit specific properties in order to protect and support electronic components.
Mr Glob, aged 34, who lives in Coventry, is one of the directors of a new company planning to reopen the night-club in the summer and change its name yet again.
Reach into the bowl with both hands and pick up the glob.
Beneath sits a single, floor-bound glob, like a scrubbed potato, or, depending on Josh Johnson's subtly hued lighting, a pink marshmallow.
Alfred looked down at the reddish brown glob of food that had fallen onto the boardwalk by his feet.
Two new low-viscosity, epoxy-based glob tops, 50302 HT and 50302-2, feature rheology engineered to meet a wide range of application requirements.
The Electronic Signatures in Glob al and National Commerce Act took effect Oct.
The report presents an overview of the glob al demand for, and production of, aliphatic polyester polyols within the main markets of the polyurethane industry.
The glob of grape bubble gum, along with a handful of hair, clung to the chain.