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GLOMGross Lift-Off Mass (US NASA)
GLOMGigabit LAN-on-Motherboard
GLOMGlenoid Labrum Ovoid Mass (radiology)
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It's not all doom and glom, but I must say, the order of magnitude in the South-East is very much bigger.
The FTB will glom onto any contact with California as evidence that taxpayers haven't severed their ties with California.
Newly hatched crawlers, the only stage that has functional legs, glom onto the feet and feathers of birds or the hair of passing animals, deer, or squirrels--or humans.
They glom on to its potential right away, especially if they've struggled through a few CD-ROM productions.
Whenever we find something useful that others have discarded, we glom onto it.
It's difficult for the computer superstores to merchandise our software effectively," said Goodman, "but the book and stationery channels seem to glom onto our merchandising efforts.
For the co-promoters, they can glom onto one of the biggest movie franchises of all time, possibly moving the needle a little on sales.
District Court of the Southern District of New York on November 24, alleging that Samsung intentionally used the name Milk to glom on to the existing cachet of Milk Studios, which has been in the multimedia business for more than 15 years.
This is what drives me crazy about America, people glom onto something that squares with their worldview, and they trumpet it to high heaven, even though this writer's got no basis in reality, and the whole missive leaves the consumer and business realities out of the equation.
If you don't have zinc, and you don't have Tsa1, the proteins will glom together into big aggregations that are either toxic by themselves, or toxic because the proteins are not doing what they are supposed to do.
If tiny dodder plantlets don't find a host plant to glom onto they'll die within a week.
He went on to clarify that statement: "So many glom on to the language of 'customer experience' or 'experiential marketing' rather than truly design and stage experience output.