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GLUEGroups of Linux Users Everywhere
GLUEGreat Lakes Urban Exchange
GLUEGeneralized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation (rainfall-runoff modeling)
GLUEGlobal Language Support and Uniform Environment
GLUEGeneral Laboratory Users in Engineering (Engineering School, University of Maryland)
GLUEGroup of Loquacious United Episcopalians (youth group gathering in LA, USA in 1960s-70s)
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Compressing the glue between the release paper and the bottom film with a compressing roller which is preloaded by a spring; wherein the absorbent pad passes through a gap between the compressing roller and the knife chisel; thereby firmly adhering the glue to the bottom film of the absorbent pad and completing the adhesion of the glued release paper and the bottom film of the absorbent pad; wherein the compressing roller is a silicone roller.
The "way" of attaching them is, aston ish ingly, a glue made out of metal that sets at room tem per a ture and requires very little pres sure to seal.
But regular wood glue is the best choice for raw wood-to-wood joinery.
Glue on craft acrylic crystals (flat back), sequins, and whatever else to create your own fish
This technique is best utilized when laminating many thin veneers together because the water in the glue saturates the veneers.
Gernep started with wet glue machines and these are still the mainstay of the company, especially in brewing where wet-glue systems from Gernep are still a traditional partner.
The primary ingredient in the glue is American-grown corn.
Glue a bead in the center of the lid for a handle or glue several flat buttons together.
When the glue is dry, tip the extra glitter onto an old newspaper.
Use a cotton bud dipped in acetone and gently apply the solution to the glue a few drops at a time .