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glulamGlued laminated timber
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The building materials such as pinewood, tempered glass and glulam for the posts also bolster the sustainability of the design.
Columns and beams are connected with Knapp hardware, while the glulam beams and columns are bolted together.
This paper analyzes the bending behavior of T-section beams formed of glulam webs and upper cross-laminated timber (CLT) flanges.
Physical and mechanical properties of the low-quality timber can be improved by processing it into glued laminated lumber (glulam), which is constructed from specifically selected and prepared pieces of wood.
To ensure the reliability of frame structures with glulam beams is important to have a precise method of determining of stresses component of the stress state.
Clifford Jones makes our glulam pieces specifically for us, to precise sizes and deliver it direct on to site."
The exterior includes load bearing glulam posts and the curtainwall enclosure is made of wood.
Stuart and Christine spent a great deal of time selecting sustainable local materials and suppliers, including Larch glulam (glued laminated timber) beams and Scottish larch for the decking.
From a concrete foundation, vertical posts of glue-laminated wood (known as glulam) provide support to hybrid floor panels made from more glulam beams that are embedded in reinforced concrete.
Its glulam arches, beams and columns are used for the superstructures of commercial, recreational, religious, educational and industrial buildings.
Glued laminated (glulam) timber material has been in existence since the 1800s [1].
Eight four-storey-high glue-laminated (glulam) columns are a striking design feature of the $22.66-million Regional Education Alliance for Community Health (REACH) building and bridge the distance between old and new structures at the Thunder Bay campus.