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GLUTGlucose Transporter
GLUTOpenGL Utility Toolkit
GLUTGamma Lookup Table
GLUTOpen Graphics Library Utility Toolkit
GLUTGigantic Lookup Table
GLUTGraphics Library Utility Toolkit (open software)
GLUTGeorgia Land Use Trend (geospatial data; est. 1973)
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These are the first findings to be presented from Kadmon's GLUT inhibitor program, which will be shared as a poster at the Keystone Symposia on Integrating Metabolism and Immunity this week in Dublin, Ireland.
Several members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries have called for an output freeze to rein in an oil glut that triggered a price collapse in the last two years, hitting the revenues of major producers.
There is much talk about the product glut replacing the oil glut, and this is a worrisome indicator for crude demand," said Frank Klumpp, oil analyst at Stuttgart-based Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg.
Saudi Arabia abandoned its role as a "swing producer" in late 2014, when it refused to unilaterally reduce oil production despite signs of an impending glut.
Consequently, nobody really knows how large the current glut is and whether it's growing or contracting.
In previous years, the government gave the task of removing the glut from the domestic market to the Pakistan Agriculture Storage and Supplies Corporation and the Trading Corporation of Pakistan.
Prices have tumbled since December 4, when the OPEC oil exporters' group refused to set a production limit despite a supply glut, anaemic demand and a slowing global economy.
The global crude oil glut during the week had the strongest effects on sales to both sides of Suez, including the Asian/Pacific basin where demand was slower in recent weeks because of the economic slow-down in China, India and other major eastern markets.
But there's also, I believe, a sort of emotional prejudice against the very notion of global glut.
Is the word glut just an example of exaggerated language?
Oil prices are widely expected to recover gradually once the current supply glut is absorbed.