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GbEGigabit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3z-1998)
GbEGesundheitsberichterstattung des Bundes (German: Federal Health Monitoring System)
GbEGlory Boyz Entertainment (record label)
GbEGlycine Betaine (molecular solvent)
GbEGovernor of the Bank of England (UK)
GbEGigabit Ethernet
GbEGlobal Business Environment
GbEGovernment Business Enterprise (Australia)
GbEGrand Banks Energy (Canada)
GbEGreen Building Engineer (certification)
GbEGinkgo Biloba Extrakt
GbEGlobal Business Executive
GbEGrand Cross of the British Empire (Knight or Dame)
GbEGlobal Betting Exchange (online sports betting exchange, Dublin, Ireland)
GbEGroupes Bibliques d'Entreprises (French: Biblical Business Groups)
GbEGéosciences Biologie Environnement (French: Environmental Biology Geosciences)
GbEGaborone, Botswana - Gaborone (Airport Code)
GbEGround Based Element (Army National Missile Defense)
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As shown by Table 1 that salinity stress has significantly reduced the growth and production of brassica but the exogenous application of proline and glycine betaine minimizes the effect of salinity.
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NaCl Stress Enormously Promoted the Accumulation of Proline and Glycine Betaine, Especially for the Mature Seedlings of Wild Soybean under 300 mM Treatment.
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In moderately halophilic bacterium [Ba.sub.1], the intracellular level of glycine betaine is directly proportional to salt-stress in salinities of 0.5 to 3.0 M NaCl, suggesting its role as a strong osmoregulatory solute (Risk, et al., 1982).
Meanwhile, the researcher said that survival rates of mice after radiation exposures, both low-LET radiation and heavy particle radiation, were improved when glycine betaine is administered.
Meanwhile, the survival rates of mice after radiation exposures, both low-LET radiation and heavy particle radiation, are improved when glycine betaine is administered.
coli mt1D wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) D-Ononitol IMT1 (myo-inositol O-methyl trans- tobacco ferase) of common ice plant Sorbitol Stpd1 (sorbitol-6-phosphate dehy- Japanese persimmon drogenase) of apple, driven by CaMV 35S promoter Glycine betaine Arthrobacter globiformis CodA Arabidopsis (choline oxidase) A.
Positive direct effects observed by shoot length (1.1053), root length (1.8386), fresh root weight (0.4742), sugar (3.3994) and glycine betaine (1.1224) on osmotic adjustment under drought stress.
Foolad, 2007.Role of glycine betaine and proline in improvingplant abiotic stress resistance.
Other ingredients: concentrated extract of glycine betaine, zeatin, humic and fulvic acids.