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GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GNSSGenesis Microchip Inc. (stock symbol)
GNSSGneiss (lithological term)
GNSSGeneric Navy Stimulator Simulator
GNSSGround Network Scheduling System
GNSSGeneric Navy Simulation System
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5) shows that their shape does not allow distinguishing amphibolite from garnet amphibolite or from amphibole-biotite gneiss.
2003), a long-standing uncertainty has been the relationship between the lower grade units, collectively termed the George River Metamorphlc Suite in the Bras d'Or terrane and the Green Head Group in southern New Brunswick, and the gneissic units, collectively known as the Bras d'Or Gneiss and Brookville Gneiss in the Bras d'Or and Brookville terranes, respectively.
Gneiss contains greater amounts of Na and K, with lesser Ca and Mg.
The Strazek Moldanubicum is formed primarily by cordierite-biotitic gneiss and migmatites, with biotitic and frequently migmatized gneiss and with the intercalated beds of amphibolites, erlan gneiss and magnesian limestone.
The hole intersected graphitic gneiss to 38m, highly graphitic schist from 38 - 48m before passing back into graphitic gneiss to the end of hole.
Potassium feldspars in the host gneiss and unaltered xenoliths contain approximately 10 atomic percent Na, whereas those in altered blocks contain an order of magnitude less Na, suggesting Na was leached from them.
In low strain zones, it is recognized that the Inaluk dykes postdate an older gneissosity in the host gneiss yet they were strained by the deformation that formed the regional gneissosity.
The Baths are in fact a composite of in situ concrete and load-bearing gneiss from a local quarry.
Drill holes intersected continuous magnetite gneiss of up to 200m apparent thickness.
Providing and casting in situ cement concrete of required grade of trap / granite / gneiss / quartzite metal for R.
8 billion tonnes magnetite gneiss at a grade of 18-25 percent iron.