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GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GNSSGenesis Microchip Inc. (stock symbol)
GNSSGneiss (lithological term)
GNSSGeneric Navy Stimulator Simulator
GNSSGround Network Scheduling System
GNSSGeneric Navy Simulation System
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The drillhole intersected propylitic altered gneiss from top to bottom (164.
The present study was undertaken to try to resolve the fundamental question of the relationship between the metasedimentary and gneissic rocks by comparing whole-rock major-dement, trace-element, and Sm-Nd isotopic composition of clastic units in the George River Metamorphic Suite to that of paragneissic components of the Bras d'Or Gneiss.
Gneiss contains greater amounts of Na and K, with lesser Ca and Mg.
Pairs of track-ways in front of each of the ramps gradually sloped up to the ancient ground-surface, presumably produced by the runners of sledges onto which the blocks of gneiss were loaded.
The hole intersected graphitic gneiss to 38m, highly graphitic schist from 38 - 48m before passing back into graphitic gneiss to the end of hole.
In low strain zones, it is recognized that the Inaluk dykes postdate an older gneissosity in the host gneiss yet they were strained by the deformation that formed the regional gneissosity.
Group winners: Gneiss (1994 Jersey Stakes dead-heat), Alderbrook (1994 Select Stakes, Prix Dollar), Kingfisher Mill (1997 King Edward VII Stakes, Cumberland Lodge Stakes)
The gneiss is meticulously laid in bands of varying depths with visually neutral mortar.
Supplying trap / granite /quartzite / gneiss stone metal of 40 mm size by bringing the boulders at the road side breking them tc required gradation including conveying the boulders and stacking the brocken metal etc complete.
An exploration target of 800Mt-1,000Mt magnetite gneiss with a grade of 15-18% iron has been estimated for this prospect.
From the sobering start of seeing her first runner, Ferox, finish last in an all-weather race at Southwell, Cecil enjoyed Pattern race success with Gneiss, who in 1994 dead-heated for first place with River Deep for the Group 3 Jersey Stakes.
8 billion tonnes magnetite gneiss at a grade of 18-25 percent iron.