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GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GNSSGenesis Microchip Inc. (stock symbol)
GNSSGneiss (lithological term)
GNSSGeneric Navy Stimulator Simulator
GNSSGround Network Scheduling System
GNSSGeneric Navy Simulation System
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Accordingly, in the photo of the schist thin sections, a more strict orientation of the grains stretched in one direction is noted than in the gneiss. It should be noted that the LAAA effect greatly reflects the acoustic properties contrast at the contacts between the neighboring mineral grains oriented in one direction and microcracks that are present at these contacts.
It is associated with prominent weathered and highly weathered gneiss. The third layer appears as conducting with resistivity of the order of 70 to 470 Ohm.m and an average thickness of about 25 m.
The poor reactivity of the water, as well as the same [sup.87]Sr/[sup.86]Sr ratio for all the hot springs, would indicate that they migrate in a common reservoir, consisting only of crystalline rocks (gneiss and granite).
Working under the supervision of co-author Tom Chacko, Reimink spent his summers in the field collecting rock samples from the Acasta Gneiss Complex, which was discovered in the 1980s and found to contain some of the Earth's oldest rocks, between 3.6 and four billion years old.
Salamanca: Aldeadavila de la Ribera, Rupurupay, Duero riverbanks, 29TPF9868, 385 m, on gneiss rock cliff broad crevices, 22.04.2014, Amich & Ramirez-Rodriguez, SALA 151175.
Les donnees isotopiques du Nd et geochimiques sur roche totale d'elements representatifs de ces unites dans le secteur du mont Kellys, la formation de Glen Tosh et le gneiss du mont Kellys revelent une similarite prononcee.
On slopes with crystalline shists, gneiss, paragneiss in composition appears geomorphological processes of lateral erosion in Valsan catchment, rill wash on slopes with medium values, creeping on steep slopes; tumble down on rocky slopes and landslides on slopes with medium values with consistent layers of depositions.
On the basis of Rb-Sr dating [7] suggested that the lbadan granite gneiss of the MGC was emplaced around 2205 + 70 Ma and that the metamorphic deformation age of about 500 Ma corresponds to the waning stage of the Pan-African tectonic event while Rahaman [12] using U-Pb zircon ages gave 2500 + 200 Ma for the lbadan grey granite gneiss and 1875 Ma to the pink granite gneiss at Ile-lfe.
Samples fell into four different rock types: migmatised biotite-hornblende gneiss occupying the study area's north-eastern part, biotite-hornblende gneiss (a flat-lying outcrop found in one location), quartzite and granite occupying the largest part of the study area.
After reviewing and explaining some matters generic to the study of high-grade gneiss terranes, the papers focus on the Limpopo Complex in South Africa and the evolution of the three subzones that compose it, and propose two theoretical models for that evolution.
The age of the metamorphic gneiss quarried near Morton, Minn.--3.5 billion years old--sets that stone apart from the geological youth of a conglomeration of shells and shell fragments called coquina.
The local Kakamas terrane geology at Riemvasmaak consists mainly of pink granitic gneisses known collectively as the Kokerberg Gneiss, which is equivalent to the Riemvasmaak Formation (Geringer and Botha, 1976a, 1976b).