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GNUGnu's Not Unix
GNUGyeongsang National University (South Korea)
GNUGovernment of National Unity (South Africa; Sudan)
GNUGovernment of Nunavut (Canada)
GNUGuangxi Normal University (China)
GNUGood News Unlimited
GNUGNSS Navigation Unit
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(380) See Frequently Asked Questions about GNU Licenses, supra note 190 (explaining that the most widespread license is the GNU GPL).
The forthcoming release of OpenACC in the ubiquitous GNU compilers means that the global software development community will be able to test and verify how well this solution works in practice.
In the previous Debian 6 release, the distribution added the option of using a FreeBSD kernel (i386 or amd64) with the Debain software collection, and in the next version they intend to provide similar support for the GNU Hurd kernel.
One year it was young Mary's turn to check the gnu and come up with the prediction.
In January 2010, the GNU National Assembly enacted the Child Act of 2008.
A majority of Zimbabweans also want to believe in the success of the GNU, with 65% saying they think it will last until the next election.
Blue Gnu has now applied to trademark the Superlambanana name on a variety of products including bags, furniture, kitchen utensils, and clothes.
Along with access to Evolution's rich developer's API, Sourcery G++ includes an Eclipse(tm)-based IDE (integrated developer environment), GNU C and C++ compilers, and a source- and assembly-level GNU debugger running natively on Windows(r).
However, the world took notice only when the SPLM suspended its participation in the GNU on 11 October 2007.
As Boeing sits atop its record-setting 2006 order book and Uncle Sam opens his pocketbook wider for military craft, Kennametal's Gnu observes that aerospace "is one of the fastest growing markets we serve."
Octaviz is add-on graphical packages enabling plotting results of numerical computation in GNU Octave in 3D.