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GDGGoogle Developer Group (computer programming)
GDGGuideline Development Group (UK National Health Service)
GDGGeneration Data Group
GDGGewerkschaft Der Gemeindebediensteten
GDGGeneration Data Group (mainframe related file grouping method)
GDGGlobal Development Group (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
GDGGlobal Development Gateway
GDGGavin Degraw (singer/songwriter)
GDGGettysburg Discussion Group (est. 1995)
GDGGamebend Dota Gaming
GDGGiving Direct Globally
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group 7 foods, Dessert Naturally, Dessert Naturally 2 Go, Gobbledygook Free, Brownie Butter and "Tasty Food.
Most viewers surely ignored this bit of mathematical gobbledygook.
They should not be couched in obscure language, jargon and gobbledygook.
Such characters often turn into gobbledygook on screens of Japanese mobile phones.
After checking out ecommerce sites, B2C companies, nonprofits, educational institutions, and others, I concluded that the worst gobbledygook offenders are B2B technology companies.
Indeed, when I undertook my own graduate studies, in the '70s, it was not uncommon for a professor to begin a seminar by reading a passage from Kierkegaard or one of his disciples and sneering, "How could anyone take this gobbledygook for philosophy?
The European Commission has won a Golden Bull award from the self-appointed English-language watchdog, the Plain English Campaign, for the year's worst example of gobbledygook - the "Innovate for a Competitive Europe" consultation paper from DG Enterprise.
Every so often there rises to the surface sentences so clear and prescient in the gobbledygook of financial services writing that they bear repeating.
Postel seems to think he has summed up Gray by saying he is a conservative and guilty of "a right-wing ontology of alterity," whatever that gobbledygook may mean.
The Plain English Campaign is a national independent organisation fighting for crystal-clear language, against jargon, gobbledygook and other confusing language.