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GDDSGemini Deep Deep Survey (astronomy)
GDDSGeneral Data Dissemination System Site (International Monetary Fund)
GDDSGeneral Dynamics Defense System
GDDSGeneral Data Dissemination Standard (est. 1997)
GDDSGeneral Dynamics Decision Systems
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She was standing quite close to me, so close that her bare arm touched mine as she finally faced Issus, Goddess of Life Eternal.
Without a word he turned and we followed the officer once again to the closed doors before the audience chamber of Issus, Goddess of Life Eternal.
And in that I am as wise as Matai Shang, Master of Life and Death upon Barsoom; or Issus, Goddess of Life Eternal.
She wrapped her mantle about her and went in silence, following the goddess and unnoticed by the Trojan women.
When they came to the house of Alexandrus the maid-servants set about their work, but Helen went into her own room, and the laughter-loving goddess took a seat and set it for her facing Alexandrus.
Now goddess," he answered, "there is something behind all this; you cannot be really meaning to help me home when you bid me do such a dreadful thing as put to sea on a raft.
When she had thus spoken she led the way rapidly before him, and Ulysses followed in her steps; so the pair, goddess and man, went on and on till they came to Calypso's cave, where Ulysses took the seat that Mercury had just left.
When the child of morning rosy-fingered Dawn appeared, Ulysses put on his shirt and cloak, while the goddess wore a dress of a light gossamer fabric, very fine and graceful, with a beautiful golden girdle about her waist and a veil to cover her head.
She had formerly been a mere mortal, but had been since raised to the rank of a marine goddess.
The Kumari is replaced as soon as she bleeds as it is believed that the spirit of the goddess leaves her body if she loses any blood.
Today onwards, people light up earthen lamps and candles in their homes for three days in the evening and perform prayers in honour of the Goddess Laxmi.
In "Bird Magic: Wisdom of the Ancient Goddess for Pagans & Wiccans" Sandra makes a direct connection to the Great Goddess through the avian magic of birds.