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GWOSGoes Without Saying
GWOSGreater Westchester Orchid Society (White Plains, NY)
GWOSGlobal Wind Observing Sounder (optical remote sensing technology)
GWOSGreat Witley Operatic Society (est. 1952; UK)
GWOSGreat Wyrms of Sorrow (gaming)
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But it goes without saying that by 10p m this evening I hope I've been listening to Black Sabbath, and not Black Lace.
Coach Brian Boyer said, "It goes without saying this was a big win for our team." Smith, a sophomore from East St.
"It goes without saying that proper maintenance is important," says Nasianceno.
It goes without saying that Arab countries in the region would never screen an Israeli production in the first place.
It goes without saying that Hezbollah's use of rockets against civilian areas is morally indefensible.
"It goes without saying that minority dealers--past, present, and future--owe him a debt of gratitude for his service."
It goes without saying that a natural disaster--a hurricane, tornado, lightning strike, etc.--can potentially wreak havoc with business operations.
For an accurate assessment of any research, it goes without saying vendors must be knowledgeable and reliable.
The millennials have their own totems, and it goes without saying that Google is the most potent.
It goes without saying that you should always act in accordance with the highest standards of the real estate profession, but sometimes that is not enough.
You should begin by helping each other in practices, and it goes without saying that you warm up together, using the same routines every day.
It goes without saying that it is a tiny minority that has spoiled it for the many well behaved fans.